Rent your charter yacht in Monaco, Antibes, Cannes and beyond with Motion 2 Emotion


Motion2Emotion works in close collaboration with yacht owners, yacht brokers, captains and crew to put you in the right hands concerning support and overseeing all of the administrative, technical, financial, safety and legal aspects of luxury yacht charter and boat rental. Motion2Emotion allows you to relax and enjoy your experience on board while we catter for all your needs.

The French Riviera and Monaco are all about experiences and memories. Experiences creating memories that will last a lifetime.

When you rent a charter yacht with Motion2Emotion, this is exactly what you will get, everlasting unforgettable memories of the glitter and glamour of the Riviera.

Wheter it is family time, business time or private time, renting a chartering yacht with Motion2Emotion will provide you with pleasure, relaxation, quality time and life-lasting memorie.