Monaco Yacht Show by Private Jet or Helicopter

No kidding, the world famous Monaco Yacht show is ​​a must-attend event for the yacht and superyacht lovers and combines the glamour of Monte Carlo with the luxury of the yacht industry and watersport.

Motion 2 Emotion can organise your flights for a private jet and helicopter transfer to Monaco from Nice Airport, according to your needs.


Book ahead for private flights to the Monaco Yacht Show

The Monaco Yacht Show attracts quite large number of private jets from all over the world to Europe, creating one of the peak weeks of demand, the second biggest after the Grand Prix. Hence, Motion 2 Emotion recommends booking your private jet and helicopter flights to Monaco as early possible to make sure you travel in style at the best price available. 

On Monaco's Yacht Show week, helicopter transfers from Nice, Saint Tropez and Cannes are in high demand and fares can get higher than at other times of the year, due to low availability. 

Our Motion 2 Emotion booking experts are available 24/7 to get you on the best flights for your trips. To book your private jet or helicopter charter to the Monaco Yacht Show, contact Motion 2 Emotion.

Monaco Yacht Show private jet charter prices

As Monaco does not have an international airport due to lack of space for it, the closest airports for jets are Cannes Mandelieu airport or Nice Cote d'Azur International airport. Then Motion 2 Emotion can charter a helicopter for you for the final leg to Monaco, landing at its heliport in Fontvieille area.

private jet charter french riviera charter a citation latitude 06

London to Cannes from 12500 € return
Aircraft: Cessna Citation CJ2 
Seats: 6

London to Nice from 14400 € return
Aircraft: Citation Mustang 
Seats: 4 

Helicopter flights to the Monaco Yacht Show

No matter you are flying to Nice or Cannes by private jet, or taking a commercial flight to the Nice Cote d'Azur international Airport, a helicopter transfer to Monaco is the by far the best and fastest way to reach the Monaco Yacht Show (7 minutes from Nice only). Can't beat that.

helicopter charter to monaco yacht show motion 2 emotion

Nice - Monaco: 
Seats: 5 
Flight time: 7 minutes 

Cannes - Monaco: 
Seats: 5 
Flight time: 12 minutes