Book an helicopter shuttle between Monaco and Nice : 7 minutes only flight

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Please Choose Schedule Departure
  • YO0845
    08h45 08h52
  • YO0915
    09h15 09h22
  • YO0945
    09h45 09h52
  • YO1015
    10h15 10h22
  • YO1045
    10h45 10h52
  • YO115
    11h15 11h22
  • YO1145
    11h45 11h52
  • YO1215
    12h15 12h22
  • YO1245
    12h45 12h52
  • YO1315
    13h15 13h22
  • YO1345
    13h45 13h52
  • YO1415
    14h15 14h22
  • YO1445
    14h45 14h52
  • YO1515
    15h15 15h22
  • YO1545
    15h45 15h52
  • YO1615
    16h15 16h22
  • YO1645
    16h45 16h52
  • YO1715
    17h15 17h22
  • YO1745
    17h45 17h52
  • YO1815
    18h15 18h22
  • YO1845
    18h45 18h52
  • YO1915
    19h15 19h22
  • YO1945
    19h45 19h52
  • YO2015
    20h15 20h22

Book a connection helicopter flight between Nice airport and Monaco with Motion 2 Emotion.
Regular flights between Monaco and Nice between 8:30 AM and 8:15 PM.

Arrive at your destination (Monaco Heliport - Nice airport) in 7 minutes only